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The new electronic Retarder controller.
The only controller with European patent.

"The Electronic Interior Life of the Controller."


In addition to the common relay control boxes used in the past and present, Kloft now offers an elec   The equipment steers and / or regulates the inductive load of the Retarders, without sparking, with a minimum of electromagnetic disturbances.

The equipment is heat resistant, overload, and short circuit proof. Module protection includes protection against splash-water or condensation damage. To prevent a deep discharge of the batteries, the electronic controller incorporated an adjustable threshold for current. The controller automatically turns the Retarder off, after the vehicle comes to a complete stop.

As an option, the electronic controller includes a "Bremsomat" (automatic braking on a preset speed). With this option, the Retarder maintains a               pre-selected speed by the driver while driving downhill.

If the vehicle has ABS, when blocking the wheels of the vehicle, the Retarder deactivates automatically and restarts afterwards softly. Thus, safety is increases substantially on icy / slippery roads.


The advantages of the electronic Kloft controller in relation to the relay controller:

No sparking - minimum electromagnetic disturbances
• 3 to 6 stages
• Low voltage deactivation
• Deactivation after coming to a complete stop
• "Bremsomat" option (automatic braking on a preset speed)
• Heat resistant, overload, and short circuit protection
• Condensation and corrosion protection
• Controller fulfills CE standard
• 2 years warranty


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